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Sculptural Interpretations of Neural and Psychological Systems

October 8 – December 3, 2022

Site Gallery at The Silos at Sawyer Yard
1502 Sawyer Street Suite 400

Houston TX 77007

Sharon Kopriva / John Berry "Streaming Consciousness"


John Bruce Berry


The video portion of this collaboration presents a reflective, abstract, and cognitive narrative of the mind at work.  There are three elements utilized which are metaphors for this activity.  The botanical elements, the trees, flowers, and plants are stand-ins for the neurons, synapses, gray matter, ganglia, where memories, images, sounds, activities are generated and stored.   The water elements, the streams, rivers, and water ways, the ‘moving water’ are the communicating pathways and fibers, the white matter, which brings together the various thoughts, images, motivations and thinking that allows the brain to function.  Finally, the human condition, the narrative, memories visualized, activities recorded to see how it all works together.


Sharon Kopriva


As we focus on the unique qualities of the human brain, I am presenting Claire, a sculpted female figure in a condition somewhere between consciousness and a suspended dream state. Whether in a natural or anesthetic trance, I see her brain still active with thoughts and memories streaming...   The beautiful images on the wall and the music so wonderfully choreographed by John Bruce Berry are what she is projecting within her own mind.

Of course, this sculpture also addresses my ongoing personal concerns and fascination with the balance between Life, Nature, and Eternity.

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